When the dolphins are out to play you are able to enjoy this unique experience from your balcony. They can be seen ‘surfing’ in the waves as they are forming and breaking.

Dolphins are one of the most popular animals in the wild and are social creatures. They have beautiful streamlined bodies, with friendly ‘smiley’ faces and are recognised as having intelligent behaviour. They are loved by both children and adults.

The Common Bottlenose Dolphin is a regular visitor to the Denham’s Beach area, being grey in colour and may be between 2m and 4m. The dolphins live in groups called pods and typically number about fifteen dolphins, but group size can vary from one dolphin to groups of 100 or more. The numbers of dolphins seen at Denham’s Beach usually varies between four and twelve.


You may also see whales from your balcony during their annual southern migration period. This period is from September through to November and is the best time to see them around the Batemans Bay region, on their way to enjoy a summer of intense feeding in the Antarctic Ocean.

In late winter the current flows towards the coast. This enables the travelling pods to be funnelled in close to Eurobodalla’s shores, which provides some fantastic up-close and person experiences. An experience not to be missed.

During this period they move slowly and are very often with calves and will travel close to the coastline. Southern Rights, Humpbacks and Orcas can be often spotted.

A little further south of Denham’s Beach, the waters surrounding Montague Island are rich in krill and close to the edge of the continental shelf making this area a popular feeding ground for whales, including female whales and their nursing calves.

Most whale watching tours depart from Narooma and the excitement of seeing a whale close up diving and after a period of time breaking the surface in a spiralling breech- is such an exhilarating experience.